pool plaster

Make Better Plaster Every Time – Reduce Call Backs

Acti-Plex® multi-functional mineral additive overcomes the many challenges of making quality pool plasters and stuccos. It makes plastering easier resulting in a better finish every time. Acti-Plex® provides a benefit to virtually every step of the plaster job, from start to finish, with greater satisfaction by pool owners and applicators, and a reduction in costly call backs for contractors.

Acti-Plex® additive is very simple to use with no effect on cure or water demand. It provides multiple benefits proven consistently in thousands of pools under a wide range of temperature, wind and humidity conditions throughout the U.S. and Australia.

Let us show you how Acti-Plex® multi-functional additive can:

  • Reduce Check Cracking & Shrinkage

  • Improve & Extend Workability

  • Improve Vertical Surface Cling & Reduce Sag

  • Reduce Efflorescence, Mottling & Scaling

  • Provide Uniform Curing & Color Consistency

  • Improve Pebble Finish and Reduce Washouts

  • Improve Pumping & Reduces Lock Ups

  • And more….

To learn more about how Acti-Plex® can improve your plaster visit our Acti-Plex® website.